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2019-2020 Wedding Packages Starting at $2,600

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 It is so important to me that I connect with each of my couples. For this reason, I only take a limited number of weddings each year – and only if I feel like we are the perfect fit. Because YOU don't deserve anything less for your special day!

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First look or no first look?

FIRST LOOK! Hands down. There are so many benefits! You get to spend more time together instead of spending your whole wedding day hiding from each other! You will end up with more portraits of the two of you. We can knock out MOST of the formal portraits BEFORE the ceremony. I can go on and on!

Won’t a first look take away from that “aisle moment”?

There isn’t anything that could take away that “aisle moment”. Some of the most emotional “aisle moments” I’ve seen have come from a wedding day with a first look! It’s still going to be the most special, emotional and surreal moment when you see your future spouse at the other end of that aisle. Nothing can change that.

How far in advance should I book?

I book up about 8-14 months in advance. The most popular months to get married are April, May, June, and October! So if you are planning a wedding for one of those high demand months- the sooner the better!!