Sarah Van Hecke

As I mentioned before, my couples become more than just clients, they become friends! It wouldn’t be fair for me to ask all about YOU and tell you nothing about ME so here you go!

I don’t fit the mold of the photographer who has always known she wanted to be a photographer. Although, looking back, there were some signs that my path might lead here. As a kid I used to love sitting in our attic surrounded by tubs and tubs of photographs- I could spend hours just staring at them. I loved seeing what I looked like as a baby. What my mother looked like in her 20s. How my grandmother did her hair. What grandad looked like when he still had hair!! It was so mesmerizing to be surrounded by snapshots of the past.

I dabbled in photography in college, and I always loved it, but it was a hobby- and a rarely visited one at that. It wasn’t until I had my little girl four years ago that I knew I wanted to do this for a living. When Nora was born I was reminded all at once what made photographs so precious. Every day brings changes with a newborn, and I could feel the moments slipping away. That’s when I picked up my camera again and I haven’t put it down since. 

Finally, my photography journey led me to weddings. After I shot my first wedding I knew that’s what I wanted to specialize in. Weddings are what make my heart SING!! I know that sounds cheesy, but it is just TRUE. There is nothing like it. Being present for so many joyful and intimate moments. Watching and capturing raw human emotion. Creating images that my couples will frame and hang on their walls for their children and grandchildren to see. Creating these images not just for our generation to enjoy, but for the next. That’s why I love what I do. 

One thing that has propelled my business forward faster than I could have ever imagined is my decision to invest in education. I’m constantly learning from the leaders in this industry. I have taken several courses, attended workshops, and have podcasts playing like a stream of consciousness. Some may call it obsession, I call it passion. I have the HUNGER y’all. One thing you should know about me: when I go for something, it’s not enough to be good. I want to be the best. No matter how much my business grows, I will always love to learn, and I will never stop honing my craft.


MEET my family

My Second Shooter & Our Daughter

Meet my fiancé, Jackson, and our daughter, Nora. Jackson is my second shooter for each and every wedding and I wouldn’t have it any other way! He is somewhat of a mind reader and knows what I need before I even know I need it on a wedding day. He is the love of my life and the best daddy to our little nugget. We are getting married next year and are counting down the days!! I love being able to relate to my couples in this way- we know how excited and overwhelmed you feel- and we are here for you!  

Nora is three going on thirteen. That girl has so much sass, she doesn’t even know what to do with it! She gets cuter and more hilarious with each passing year, and I just love watching the little person she is becoming. Becoming a mother has given me a different kind of purpose in life and she inspires me to work harder than I ever have, but also to enjoy life on a whole new level. There is nothing like the perspective of a toddler to make you slow down, look around, and smile. 

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  • Persistent dreamer

  • Lead photographer

  • Pizza connoisseur



  • Schedule keeper

  • Second shooter

  • My personal chef

  • Knows every lyric to every song. Ever.


Nora baby-2.jpg


  • Tiny gymnast

  • Lover of fancy dresses

  • Ice cream over everything

  • The tiniest photographer’s

get to know me

some things i adore are…


Eating out. This is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love date nights when we get to try a new restaurant or go to a favorite local spot. Sushi & pizza are two of my favorites (just not at the same time).


A super hoppy IPA. There is something about a really great beer that can just turn any day around.


The movie theater. There is just something about going to see a movie on the big screen. When I was in college sometimes I would just go see an impromptu movie, all by myself. Now I love taking Nora, getting her a big bag of popcorn, and snuggling up in a seat together. Pure movie magic.

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 It is so important to me that I connect with each of my couples. For this reason, I only take a limited number of weddings each year – and only if I feel like we are the perfect fit. Because YOU don't deserve anything less for your special day!

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